MATCC Auto-reinigingspistool - sneeuwschuim - Snow Foam - Spuitpistool - Autospuit - 1000ml -voor Karcher K-serie K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 Hogedrukreiniger

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Brand: MATCC
Weight: 550g
Capacity: 1000ml
Material: Brass + ABS
Interface: G 1/4"-F
Max Pressure: 220Bar-3200PS
Require Pressure: 100Bar-1450PS
Require Flow: 2.0Gpm
Max Flow: 5.3Gpm
Highest Temperature: 60-140°

1 long handle design, easy to rotate mouthpiece.
2 The concave design of the bottle is ergonomic.
3 Rubber ring in the cover and extra waterproof tape to prevent water or foam leakage.
4 The wide bottle mouth design makes it convenient to pour soap liquid into the bottle without overflowing.
5 It is also equipped with 1/4-inch quick-connect accessories for easy operation.


Package Include:
1x Foam Cannon
1x 1/4"" Quick Connector
1x Karcher Connector
1x Transparent hose
1x Teflon tape

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