Scarcity Rust Cleaner Pro S-220C 500ML

€ 19,95

Product : Scarcity Rust Cleaner

Model: S-220A

Product introduction:

SCARCITY Rust Cleaner is one of the most efficient and fastest iron dust removal products on the market.

With neutral PH and zero stimulating chemicals, it can be used to
remove serious oxides on the car surface.

It can be used safely on the surface of car paint, electroplated wheel ring and plastic parts.

It has a strong effect of cleaning and discoloration for the brake dust and oxides on the surface of car paint.

Main ingredients:
Surfactant 6%--35% Indicator 8%--25% Pure water 20%---85%

Directions for use:

1. Wash away dirt and salt with strong water.

2. No need to wipe off the water, just spray the iron powder where it needs to be treated and leave it there for 1 to 2 minutes.

3. When iron powder Liquid turns purple then rinse it with plenty of water before drying.

4. If its not clean all the way, please repeat above steps again.


1. After using the solution on the paint or wheel hub, rinse the solution off before drying.

2. It is prohibited to use in hot weather when the sun shines directly or the car body surface is heated.

3. Do not store products in places where children can touch nor in direct sunlight.

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