Scarcity S-103A Violet Touchless Shampoo 500ML

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Product :

Scarcity VIOLET Gloss Shampoo
Model: S-103A


Product Introduction:
Scarcity Violet Touchless Shampoo works effectively with the latest technology.

It makes the dirt separate from surface and avoid friction caused by particles when wipe bubbles.

The unique formula forms a protective film layer when bubbles meet the paint, metal and plastic parts.

It is 100% surface coating layer friendly.

The stable bubbles stay long time and composite perfectly.

It tells the real meaning of touchless shampoo.

Main Ingredient:

Suspending Agent 10% - 15%
Chelating Agent 5% - 10%

Product description

  • Scarcity touchless Violet Shampoo is the first one in market that adopts ion exchange technology, strong permeability, good decomposition ability, neutral PH, eco-friendly to the wax and coating paint. Better than Auto Finesse and MA*FRA.
    .Foam cannon dilution 1:10 and max hand wash dilution 1:100. (Scarcity wash tools recommend)
  • The pH-balanced formula even allows you to wash your car or truck in direct sunlight.


When do you need this SCARCITY Car Wash Shampoo

Your car is exposed to a lot of dirt every day and when it rains, it become worse.

Your car becomes muddy and dull.

And that is why you need to use this SCARCITY Car Wash Shampoo.

It will remove all the dirt and grime from your car, leaving it spotless and shiny.

  • Superior surface cleanser
  • Advanced foaming technology
  • Perfect for weekly maintenance car washes
  • pH-balanced: safe for wax and sealant coats
  • Perfect for two bucket wash, foam cannon, and foam gun
  • Rinses clean with no residue
  • Won't spot or stain in sunlight
  • Removes grime, build up and dirt

How It Works 

  • SCARCITY Super Suds Shampoo  is gentle on sealant and wax coatings
  • SCARCITY Super Suds Shampoo is perfect for weekly maintenance car washes.
  • The gentle cleaning power won’t remove existing coatings of your favorite carnauba wax or synthetic wax sealant, so you know your car is always protected against the elements.
  • Other detailing shampoos and low-grade car wash soaps are often too strong, stripping wax and staining plastic and rubber parts.
  • SCARCITY is pH-balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and even vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim pieces.
  • Slick lubricants guide abrasive dirt and grime off the car gently, and helps prevent future swirl marks and scratches in any shiny paint finish.
  • SCARCITY rinses clean after every car wash and won’t leave behind residues or water spots, even when you wash in direct sunlight.
  • Use this versatile car wash soap in any bucket wash, or add it to your high pressure foam cannon or foam gun to spray a thick blanket of cleansing foam for a touch-less car wash experience.



  • According to the different ratios, put the wash shampoo into the counting cup, then pour into the foam lance, bucket or other containers.     
  • Rinse the car paint surface with clean water          
  • Spray the blended washing shampoo evenly on the car paint surface     
  • Repeated wipe with car washing tools           
  • Rinse the remained washing shampoo with clean wate
  • Dry the whole car with a water-collecting towel 



  • Use under normal temperature of automobile surface and in sunshade    
  • Normally use according to the parameters of ratios. If better effect is needed, the stock liquid can be added freely.       
  • Keep out of the reaching of children to prevent swallowing. If it enters the eyes carelessly, rinse it with clean water immediately. If there is still discomfort, consult a doctor for treatment.
SCARCITY touchless car wash shampoo, PH balanced, eco-friendly to coatings

SCARCITY touchless car wash shampoo, PH balanced, eco-friendly to coatings

Posted by Scarcity Detailing products on Monday, August 3, 2020

Scarcity transparent buckets with shampoo

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