Scarcity S-102A SMURF Gloss Shampoo 500ML

€ 17,95

Product :

Scarcity SMURF Gloss Shampoo
Model: S-102A


Ultra shine,Ultra concentrated,PH neutral,Rich Foam,Stable Foam;Lubricant surface and Water Mark Free.


Recommend ratio:

Foam cannon 1:20

Two buckets 1:100-400


Product introduction:

Scarcity Gloss Shampoo is an ultra-concentrated, high-effective, PH neutral hydrophilic gloss cleaner.
There is very good luster after cleaning without water mark.

With the latest technology,the special polymer that increase surface gloss and surfactant that for clean and foam are mixed together, makes washing and maintenance together.

The efficient surfactants loose and clean surface dirt safely and effectively, and will not affect the waxes and sealants.

Good lubricity and hydrophilic make the paint avoid scratches and water marks.

The polymer perfects it glossy.
It is suitable for any type of car paint surface cleaning, which is the best choice of car washing shops, professional detailing and personal daily use.

Main ingredient:
Polymer 3%----12%
BSNa 2%---5%


Use method:

Put liquid into the container, add the water according to the reference ratio and stir well.
Two buckets 1:100-400
Foam cannon 1:20




  • Use under normal temperature of automobile surface and in sunshade    
  • Normally use according to the parameters of ratios. If better effect is needed, the stock liquid can be added freely.       
  • Keep out of the reaching of children to prevent swallowing. If it enters the eyes carelessly, rinse it with clean water immediately. If there is still discomfort, consult a doctor for treatment.

Scarcity SMURF Gloss Shampoo Ultra concentrated PH neutral Rich Foam Lubricant surface Recommend ratio: Foam cannon 1:20 Two buckets 1:100-400

Posted by Scarcity Detailing products on Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Ik ben zeer tevreden over dit artikel. Wat ik vooral goed vind: Goede kwaliteit, Voordelige koop, Duurzaam

3 jaar geleden

Auto word er mooi schoon van en Glimmen wow!

3 jaar geleden

Een zeer goede shampoo zeker het geld waard.

3 jaar geleden

Super fijne shampoo, ik gebruik deze blauwe fles alleen voor handwas.
25Ml voor 20 liter water. schuimt goed mooie glans na het wassen.
20 keer mijn auto wassen voor 14.95 .
de groene shampoo gebruik ik ook van scarcity maar alleen voor de prewash.

Peter liebrechts
3 jaar geleden

Wagen blinkt echt uitzonderlijk na het wassen met dit product.
Top product en super snelle verzending.

Pim Habraken
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Heb alleen maar pluspunten. Dit product doet wat hij moet doen. en laat een diepe glans achter.

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